Oliver & Dasa's Wedding | La Residence, Fraanschoek

As a Cape Town based wedding photographerLa Residence 'in my opinion' is the most beautiful location to shoot a wedding. With the talented Nadine Mitchell behind this luxurious wedding's coordination, this occasion was sure to be a magnificent love story.

The first thing that I noticed while documenting this couple, was their intense chemistry. When they are in close vicinity to one another, their attraction towards one another is like light trying to escape from a black hole. 

This charming estate's tranquil, calm & relaxed atmosphere fused with the beautiful scenery of vineyard, plum orchards & mountains set the stage for an auspicious and opulent fairy-tale intimate wedding. Each room has its own unique color scheme and you can see a lot of effort has gone into planning the interior. The Tibetan suite, where Dasa's bridal photograph were taken in, exudes luxury in the form of an oriental oasis.

The day was a mixture of traditional African drums & vocals, a surreal couple shoot and the serenity of silence as they enjoyed their dinner. 

I hope you like the pictures as much as I did shooting it! Try and see if you can look through this album without smiling :)