Frequently Asked Questions

Do you even like shooting weddings?

Yes! The assignment is very important to the client and thus demands great responsibility and professionalism. Weddings incorporate many genres of photography and therefore require a broad knowledge of the profession and equipment. You never know what's going to happen and you must ensure that you remain focused so that you're prepared for anything. It's very challenging and the challenges are always changing. It's a great privilege to be in this profession.

When will I get my photographs?

For Events, you will receive your images within 2-4 weeks. For Weddings, you will receive your images within 45-70 days.

How will I receive my photographs?

You will receive your images on a physical USB drive as well as an online drive. The online drive will remain active for 2 months after handing over the final product. We will also always have a digital copy if ever the need arises.

Will you use photos from our event or wedding for promotional purposes?

We may use them unless you tell us not to do so. Simply tell us that you don't want the photos to be used, and they will never be used anywhere.

When will you confirm my reservation?

For weddings, a 30% deposit is required for us to secure the date. Contact us for more info on events.

Do you travel free to my wedding if it's in Cape Town?

Yes, all weddings within a 100km radius of Cape Town's CBD have no travel fee.

Do you make wedding albums?

Yes, more information in my Wedding Photography Pricing Package.

Can we see some full weddings you have photographed?

You can view a few of our favorite albums under the FULL ALBUMS section of our website. 

Do you work with second shooters/assistants?

Yes. My 2nd & 3rd wedding photography pricing package includes a second shooter. For weddings over 500+ guests, we recommend hiring an additional third photographer.

Do you have backup gear?

Yes, this is something that we're very adamant about. We've seen and heard of too many horror stories!

Do you provide video coverage?

As you probably could see, we're photographers and prefer to keep it that way. But we would be MORE than happy to recommend some of the best videographers in Cape Town.

Do we receive the RAW, unedited files?

The RAW, unedited files are not available for viewing or purchase. The images that you receive are selected, edited and reflect my very high standards. Rest assured that any images not delivered truly are outtakes.

What equipment are you using?

We use top-class Nikon, Sigma & Tamron professional line for both cameras and lenses. You can see a pic on Instagram! Very proud of my babies :)

How many images do we get?

Typically, from a 10-hour wedding, you will receive anywhere from 700-850 professionally edited images.

Where are you located?

We are based in Cape Town and meet our couples in different spots in the city or via Skype.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes! We love traveling and have shot all around the world. For destination weddings, we charge a price of our full day package and of course, our flights, accommodation & car rentals have to be covered.

Are there different photography packages that I can choose from?

Because each wedding, event or portrait is unique, we customize packages to fit each client's specific request.

Do you edit all of our photographs?

Yes, we do! Each image that you receive has been hand-edited. If the need arises, we have retouchers available for when a photograph needs special attention.