International wedding photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. 11 years of professional photography experience. 7 years wedding photography experience. BESPOKE | FINE ART | REPORTAGE | DESTINATION | CINEMATIC | ORIGINAL | PROFESSIONAL

Hi! My name is John Henry. I was born in Cape Town but grew up in Canada, so I have a strange accent. My whole family is Afrikaans but I am English. I’m an English Boer. Weird right? Anyways, I capture your most special day and do so in an unobtrusive, discreet manner. I want you to have the most amazing day of your life, remain calm and enjoy every minute of your wedding. Just take in everything that is happening, be present in the moment and relax.

Gavin Casey has been my mentor and introduced me into the wedding industry. I’ve been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work for and learn from an AMAZING photographer and person.

Before I had met Gavin, I was shooting high-profile events and intimate portraiture. Gavin and I have shot some of the most beautiful weddings.

If my objective was to shoot weddings, to the best of my ability, then the plan was to begin my photographic journey by shooting in the most challenging environments. I can honestly say that I have shot in some of Cape Town’s most challenging environments.

After being immersed into the photographic industry for over 11 years, involved with arts & culture for over 22 years, having shot over 150+ weddings and 500+ events, I’ve been privileged to work with some of the most talented creatives in the world.
— JH
Gavin Casey.  www.gavincasey.co.za

Gavin Casey.


Canal Walk Expo 2019

Canal Walk Expo 2019

My journey with photography started 14 years ago(2003) when my Art Teacher(Spies venter) began giving our art class photography lessons.
Photography has since become my passion. I am a hard worker and when I do something I’m passionate about, I give it everything I have.

To me, photography is the ultimate form of realism. Unless you’re one of those very gifted people that’s able to replicate
and convey light and details EXACTLY the way you see it in front of you, in an efficient manner, in this day and age..

The photographic medium is a much better use of time compared to sitting and drawing something for weeks.

My goal in this profession is to create timeless moments as realistically and accurate to real-life as possible. As if it were drawn with an advanced technology and do so in a calm, discreet, professional and realistic manner.

The majority of the images that you can expect to receive are the more candid/natural moments as opposed to the conventional conveyer belt type imagery.
— JH
The Concerned Photographer produces images in which genuine human feeling predominates over commercial cynicism or disinterested formalism.
— Magnum Photos
John-henry Bartlett Photographer

I’m interested in music, physics, psychology, philosophy, nature & the ancient Egyptian culture. I was born in Cape Town, grew up in Canada, then moved back to South Africa a year before starting high school at Grey College, Bloemfontein. As a result, I have a very unique accent.

I started studying photography in Cape Town in 2006. My objective is to capture beautiful moments.

My job has taken me through many parts of the world and i’m very well acquanted with many different cultural customs.