John-henry Bartlett's Professional Lighting & DSLR Workshop


Are you bored with all the bland, monotonous-looking imagery that you see everyday? Do you want your work to stand out? Well, this course is your solution.                         

Advanced smartphones and their ever-advancing photographic capabilities are eliminating the need for the basic photographer. 

To ensure your success as a photographer you must take the initiative and step beyond the borders of the mundane.

This 1-day course is designed for the aspiring, intermediate or professional wedding/event/corporate/portait photographer. Please note that this is not landscape or nature Photography workshop.

The objective of this course is to teach you the most valuable lessons that I've learnt in my 10 year professional photographic career. 
My experience of over 650+ jobs, which includes; 200+ weddings, 500+ events & an
expert commercial studio background, will give you the knowledge to use your tools to the best of their ability.

My experience working with the most gifted groups of people in the arts, entertainment, events and wedding
industry has given me great insight into ways and techniques of capturing a beautiful world. I want to share this knowledge with you.

You are guaranteed to leave with an enhanced knowledge of your gear and how to use it to the best of your ability.

The 9-hour workshop will cover:

  1. Specialized advanced lighting techniques
  2. A deeper understanding of flash photography
  3. Natural light manipulation and understanding light
  4. Balancing flash to match the environment
  5. Using the environment to enhance the aesthetic quality of your imagery
  6. Daylight & Nighttime on-camera & off-camera flash photography
  7. Detailed on-camera & off-camera flash settings walkthrough
  8. DSLR Settings
  9. Personal techniques and tricks
  10. Flash positioning
  11. Posed vs. candid imagery
  12. Different approaches to reportage-style documentation
  13. Challenges and problems that you'll encounter 
  14. Different lenses and how they are used to achieve the desired result
  15. Real-time practise 
  16. Q&A

Hope to see you soon!